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Learning from the Lives Along the River

  Given the intense election coverage of the past few months, you would be forgiven if you missed the news of some big environmental catastrophes. Several weeks ago, Cedar Rapids endured a massive flood. In the month prior, flooding in Baton Rouge caused the area’s largest natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Simultaneously, rising levels of […]


Mark Muller: Brighter prospects for greener pastures

The past several years have put a spotlight on big challenges for water quality in the Mississippi River basin. High prices, particularly for corn, have encouraged farmers to find ways to produce more. These days, U.S. farmers grow about 30% more corn than they did in the 1990s. To accomplish this, many farmers have taken […]


Ron Kroese: A New Story for the Mississippi

  “A river is a report card for its watershed.” — Alan LeVere, Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection   As Mark Twain famously noted, the Mississippi River has “a new story to tell every day.” And they haven’t all been happy endings. These days, the river’s story is one of continuously high water since early […]