Research for Resilience: How Farmer Centered Research Powers Ecological Solutions

A farmer in the highlands of Riobamba, Ecuador collects quinoa.


“The more we build bridges to understand each other, the further we will propel research and solutions.”

– Jane Maland Cady

Jane Maland Cady, Director of the International Program, joined Food Tank to host a webinar on April 12, titled “Research for Resilience: How Farmer Centered Research Powers Ecological Solutions.”

The talk discussed how to increase food security in some of the most chronically malnourished places around the world through tapping into the undervalued wisdom of local farmers and the underestimated power of ecological solutions.

Since the early 1980s, The McKnight Foundation has funded agricultural research around the globe with the goal to help farmers feed their families and communities. McKnight’s Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) funds collaborative research between smallholder farmers, leading local researchers, and development practitioners to explore solutions for sustainable, local food systems. CCRP focuses its support in twelve countries on two continents where poverty and food insecurity have created “hunger hot spots.”




JMC_mk0784_cJane Maland Cady
International Program Director