People, Place, & Possibility: McKnight’s International Grantmaking in Pictures



New photo book and exhibition showcase McKnight’s international work


Below is international program director Jane Maland Cady’s foreword from People, Place, and Possibility, a joint publication and exhibition recently produced by The McKnight Foundation. The exhibition is currently on view at the Cynthia Binger Boynton gallery at McKnight’s offices. The book is available to download or view online.

We all need access to nutritious food and sustainable ways to manage natural resources.

This image book invites you to experience how diverse communities are working to better meet such needs, supported by The McKnight Foundation. Through collaborative research and knowledge-sharing, we seek to invest in smallholder farmers, research institutions, and development organizations that improve access to local, sustainable, and nutritious food in these 12 countries: Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda.Our work in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam supports balanced approaches to natural resource management and community resource rights.

See the people and places that contribute to creating a better world for present and future generations.


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JMC_mk0784_cJane Maland Cady
International Program Director