Tim Hanrahan: Welcome to McKnight’s new blog

Welcome to The McKnight Foundation’s new blog! As a fourth-generation family foundation channeling support through multiple programs, McKnight’s work reflects literally generations of diverse interests and investments. Our current programs run the gamut from economic and community development to the arts and artists, the Mississippi River’s water quality, neuroscience research and collaborative crop research, early literacy, and more. In 2012, about 60% of McKnight’s grantmaking supported efforts in our home state of Minnesota, while about 24% supported work in the U.S. outside Minnesota and 11% was invested in other key regions around the world. Throughout, we’re guided by our mission and values, and committed to adjusting strategies as we go based on continuous learning and emerging knowledge.


With all that diverse work going on, in so many different areas, we understand from surveys of grantees and other program stakeholders it can be hard to get a handle on us. So in recent years, we’ve intentionally worked to share more about who we are and how we work. If you’re not already on McKnight’s email list, I encourage you to join up; you can also track updates on our work and our grantees’ impacts on Twitter and Facebook, or keep an eye on us via RSS. Across the board, we believe building understanding helps us all to work more effectively together. After all, it’s through daily collaboration with hundreds of key partners that we pursue our mission and reach our goals.

Behind the scenes, we recognize McKnight’s work depends on internal systems and processes that support and enhance our capacity for external impact. So with this blog, readers will hear from time to time both from our program teams and from our operations teams. And we want to hear from you too! I urge you to get involved — please comment on posts and ask questions, so we can be as helpful as possible as we share more about our activities, our challenges, and our outcomes. We’re excited to get started and hope to see you along the way.


TTH_smallTim Hanrahan
Former Communications Director, McKnight Foundation